More Documentation / Explaination / maybe simple samples?

Dec 4, 2015 at 9:58 AM
First of all thanks for your great work...
I have been browsing the web, stackoverflow, codeplex, and many many more coding sites for now 11hours to finaly find your class! And it is defintly, EXACTLY what i want.

My problem is... idiotic maybe but it is, i dont know how to use your work for my C# app at all.
I explain myself,
if you find some free time to make some additions to the documentation it would be perfect!
Could you for example:
  • explain what files from your project are needed to include to my C# project?
  • explain how to add them correctly to it... hahaha...
  • show some SIMPLE samples codes like how to get signal from microphone then "inject" it into your Pitch Tracker, and get the result? (in my case i will need the 3rd detect option that is the OnPitchChanged Event or something yes)
Thanks again for the lot of work you accomplished there to help peoples beat the sound :P